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Steve Baker - Vocals
Henri Sipilä - Guitar
Juuso Kosonen - Bass
Kristian Ahlfors - Drums

The band came in to existence in August 2008, when Henri and Kristian decided to form a project that would allow them to explore musical ideas freely. They envisioned that the band would serve as sort of a musical sandbox, where it was allowed to experiment with a variety of things and concepts, regardless of genre boundaries. In October 2008 Patrik Salmi joined the group as a bassist, bringing with him a well needed element of groove, and thus the foundation of the bandís sound was formed. The trio immediately started working on some material, and was soon able to record demo versions of a few songs and start the search for a singer.

In February 2009 Marc Taylor joined the group as a singer and a guitarist. With this lineup they recorded Enlightenment Is Serious Business EP and played their first live shows. In 2010 the production of what was planned to be their next release was started, but during the process it became evident that the musical frequencies were no longer in sync with the rest of the band and their singer. In March 2011 the band parted ways with Marc, and set out to find a new vocalist.

Steve Baker joined the band as the new singer in June 2011. The integration process was quick and effortless, and the band was able to release a two song EP This Is Not A Drill already in July 2011. This was followed by a number of live shows, the group gaining attention due to their energetic performances and personal sound.

In the beginning of 2012 the band started planning the production of their first full length album, with actual recording starting in bandís own Aeon Aeoff Studio in March. A few breaks were taken from the production during summer for some gigs and holidays, the project being resumed with full rigor again in autumn. During production four tracks were released for free download as samples from the coming album.

On December 17th 2012 Aeon Antennaís first full length album Prodigal Sun was released in both physical and digital format. The CD release of 1000 copies included an eight page booklet with the song lyrics. The digital version was made available in all the largest digital distribution channels, including Spotity, iTunes, Amazon and Rdio. "RoboCock", the album's second song, also got played on one of the biggest national radio stations in Finland, which left the band somewhat dumbfounded.

In February 2013 Patrik announced that he had reached a difficult decision; due to personal reasons he would move back to his birth town, which unfortunately is located about 400 kilometeres from Helsinki. This effectively meant that he could no longer continue with the band. A search for a new bassist was started, and in the end of February Henri Markus was announced to have joined the band.

By February 2014 it had come apparent that the creative energies did not flow the way it was hoped with the current line-up. Due to this the band parted ways with Henri Markus. Patrik stepped in to help with gig duties and the band found itself revitalized and set out to work on some new material.

In early autumn of 2014 Juuso Kosonen started visiting the rehearsals. It didn't take long for the band to notice that this line-up worked well. In October 2014 Juuso played his first gig with the band and took upon himself the full duties of a bassist.


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