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Four strings, four members

We are pleased to inform that Mr. Juuso Kosonen has joined Aeon Antenna as the new bassist. Yesterday's gig was his rite of passage, and he is now a confirmed member of the AA tribe. We've been working hard on new material and planning an upcoming release, so keep your antennae tuned!


Line up for a line-up!

Aeon Antenna and bassist Henri Markus have parted ways. We would like to thank Mr. Markus for all his work with the band and wish him the very best with his future projects.

As for Aeon Antenna, we are currently working hard on some new material. New releases and gigs will follow, so stay tuned!


Musical pictures

A video for "I Was Just A Child Last Night" is now availabe HERE. You know the drill; do the clickety-click, watch the video and experience pleasurable feelings.


Seeing quadruple

We are pleased to announce that Henri Markus has joined the band as our new bassist. He will assume full duties after our upcoming gig at Sture 21, which will also be our last gig with Patrik. We are going to make sure that it'll be a show to remember, so come and join the festivities!


Whiff of change

"Nothing lasts forever but the certainty of change." Our beloved bass player and renowned asstronaut Party Salmi has reached a point in his reproductive cycle, where he has to migrate back to his native land (aka Jeppis). Permanently. While the band is both sad and proud of this, the bottom line is, it leaves us searching for a new bass player. Starting now. If you are, or know, our future member, please contact us as soon as possible. We are anxious to meet him/her. And make sure not to miss our upcoming gigs, since for now we still party with Party. He won't be leaving us just yet, so we are constantly booking new shows.


Time for a debutante ball!

The glorious day of our debut album's release has finally come! "Prodigal Sun" is now available as both CD and digital release! Price of the CD is 5, ask us for your nearest distributor. The digital release is available at Spotify and all the other largest digital stores.

To celebrate, we have released yet another song for free download. "I Was Just A Child Last Night" is now available as a downloadable MP3 and at SoundCloud and


Even emus might fly!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if emus and ostriches would decide to wage war against each other? Is it possible for emus to fly? Find out now with the third released track from our upcoming album! "Emus" is now available as a downloadable MP3 and at SoundCloud and


Scrubbed up and polished

RoboCock, that odd little bugger who is torn between his (forced) vegetarian cat and his garden is now available for the public to fondle. You can find this poor evolved dust bin as a downloadable MP3 or from SoundCloud and


Clench and release

We are proud to present you with the title track of our upcoming album. "Prodigal Sun" is now available as a downloadable MP3 HERE, and at SoundCloud and


Pressing REC

We are happy to inform you that our first full length album is well in the making. Drums and bass are recorded, and currently we are laying down some guitar tracks. If everything goes smoothly, we'll have 8 tracks of proggy goodiness to offer you in a couple of months. So erect those antennae in the air and make them sway like you would have no interest!


Spots. Spots everywhere.

Spotify. The best thing since lubricated bread. Whether you love it, hate it or get aroused feet from it, add us on your playlists. Just do the clickety-click on the picture below.


Weather report

Aeon Antenna can now be found also at SoundCloud and Google+.


Moving pictures

A video of us playing "Riddles", recorded at rehearsal, is now available on our YouTube-channel. Check it out, like it, and become a part of our viral marketing scheme by sharing it with every imaginable person!


This Is Not A Drill

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please? This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill! Our new release is available here. Please assume your listening positions.


Wholesome foursome

We are proud to announce that our search for a new member is over. A strapping young lad named Steve Baker has boldly taken upon himself the duties of a singer. New music, pictures and gigs will follow. Keep your antennae tuned!


Singer-instrumentalist wanted

We are currently searching for a new singer-instrumentalist. If you think you are the one we are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We've also kept ourselves busy moving to a new rehearsal place and setting up a cozy little studio there. New material is being constantly produced and soon we'll pop the cherry of our recording gear with it.


On The Rocks gig date changed

Since OTR has decided to keep downstairs closed on sundays and mondays from now on, the gig date has been changed to 7.12. We apologise for any inconvenience!


Production of the next release started

Having spent yesterday building a studio in Krisse's boudoir, we are able to announce that we are currently working on our next release.

Keep your antennae tuned!


Website Launch & CD Release

Today we unveil our new website.

The pages are still under construction and will fill out over time. There will be more goodies to download and more content coming soon.

Not only are we unveiling our new website, but we are also proud to annouce that our EP, Enlightenment Is Serious Business, is now available in CD format.
Price 5.

Keep your antennas tuned here.
-Neal & The Boys.


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